6 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Save!

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Dental Practice Management applications (software) benefits can go way beyond ‘just booking appointments’. The key is to know what your software can do for you, in order to take full advantage and save your practice’s bottom line. An application/software may be an initial investment for your practice, but its advantages can save you financially in the long run. Here are a few ways to maximize your dental practice’s software: 
  1. Utilize the email addresses! You can utilize the contact information that is stored in the software for direct marketing use. 
  2. Segment databases. Choose the right database to target so that the information you are sending is applicable to them.
  3. Save staff time! Instead of having your staff call to confirm appointments, have your software do the work for you! Whether it’s a text or e-mail, you can remind them through the software. 
  4. Remind your patients about their insurance benefits expiring. This thoughtful reminder can help your patients take advantage of their “free money” from their insurance plans and help you to book in a few more appointments/procedures before the end of the year.
  5. Track existing patients! Sometimes it pays off to focus on your current patients than to bring in new ones. Look to see who hasn’t been in for the last 9 to 36 months. Track the relationship and invite them to return! 
  6. Fill that schedule! Instead of taking an extra long lunch due to cancellations, use your software to find who has asked for the next available appointment!
This is just the start of what practice management software can do for you! To find out more about Smiles First Healthcare Practice Management Software and Apps, contact us today! 
– Smiles First Healthcare Team 
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