Going Paperless!

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For many years now, the use of paper to manage files and documents has been the standard practice in many dental offices. Now, with the revolutionary changes in technology, dental offices today are going paperless with document management.

Today’s practice management systems offer quick documentation and storage from a computer. From day to day operations and with various patient information, everything is manageable by using an electronic system software and cloud-based storage.

Just imagine how beautiful it would be to watch the smooth flow of information with paperless documentation. You can share and use data between the back and front office and make new appointments or file reports with just a few clicks on your computer or iPad.

If you’re interested in going paperless in your dental office, try our Smiles First Healthcare Optimizer that will enable you to control your business documentation without any hassle. Contact us anytime and experience an easy and faster file management for your dental practice!


– The Smiles First Healthcare Team


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