The Future of Digital Dentistry

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Have you ever thought, what dentistry will look like after 30 or 50 years from now? Do you think that the field of dentistry will continuously evolve into digital dentistry? Though dentistry is a little behind in technology compared to medical science, engineering, advanced manufacturing and food production, we are in the era where the future of digital dentistry is more apparent now than ever.

Many people today are into gadgets and businesses are incorporating online marketing into their products and services. To have access to anyone around the globe, going digital is the only best option and the same goes with dentistry. To get patients and to provide better services, dental practices should be geared toward digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry is a complex term that involves any dental technology or device that incorporates digital or computer-controlled equipment to dental practice. Computer-aided design or computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and intraoral imaging are some of the equipment used in digital dentistry. There are also lasers, digital radiography, computer-aided dental implants, digital record management, cloud-based dental applications, and even computer controlled nitrous oxide delivery for sedation are all examples of digital dentistry today.

In the future, who knows what might be invented for the advancement of dental industry in providing better services to clients around the world. More studies are conducted every day to improve dentistry and people’s dental life. Now is the time to move forward and look toward the future of digital dentistry.

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– The Smiles First Healthcare Team

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