There’s an App for That!

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If you are frustrated with the pace, operations or energy wasted in your dental office – all you may need is an app. We don’t mean an appetizer.. we mean an electronic application that can be utilized on multiple platforms (desktops, iPads, laptops, mobile devices etc.). An app, such as SF Healthcare has the capability to open the lines of communication for both your team and patients. Specifically with the dental application of SF Healthcare in dental practices, you will have the capability to access and utilize:
  • 100s of KPIs and Reports
  • Monthly Practice Details
  • Morning Meeting Report
  • Fee Optimizer
  • Patient Email & Text Reminders
  • SFH Score & Success Dashboard
  • Consulting Service
  • Speciality KPIs
  • Financial Systems Integration
Imagine the possibilities! If you are interested in taking your dental practice to the next level of success, contact us at SF Healthcare to learn more about our app! 
– SF Healthcare Team
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